The British media Financial Times has announced

The Muslim couple who invented the vaccine were declared ‘Person of the Year’

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bdpress agency desk : Pfizer Bioentech coronavirus vaccine, the first vaccine invented by a Muslim couple. Ugur Shaheen and Ozlem Turesi have been named ‘Person of the Year’ by the British media Financial Times. The Muslim couple has instilled hope in the hearts of millions of people around the world by inventing the coronavirus vaccine. Their vaccine could provide 95 percent protection against the corona epidemic.

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In less than a year, the couple have achieved remarkable business and scientific success by inventing the covid vaccine, British media reported on Wednesday. Dr. “We were upset,” Shahin said. This is the first time that people have been vaccinated for the first time without being tested. In 2008, the pharmaceutical company Bioentech was established. Ugur Shahin and his wife. Ozlem Turesi. They developed the experimental vaccine in collaboration with American partner Pfizer.

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Bioentech CEO after a three-phase test. Shaheen hopes their efforts will end the global health crisis. The two Muslim couples have been approved by two reputable regulators around the world as the inventors of the first vaccine. The whole achievement of Dr. Shahin and Dr. Turns on Turesi. Source~ Financial Times.

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