Student leader Saddam in a brilliant role in Corona

Photo : Shamsul Alam Saddam.

bdpress agency : The immense role of youth is written in the history of Bangladesh. We got an independent territory because the youth gave us a mouthful in the face of bullets. Fifty years after the liberation war, when Bangladesh, like the rest of the world, is fighting against an unknown enemy, the youth are also at the forefront of that fight.

Doctors, police, journalists, student leaders are fighting from different identities. Such a young Bangladesh Chhatra League Dhaka Metropolitan North Chhatra League co-president Shamsul Alam Saddam.

During the coronation period, this young man is going without any publicity for various welfare oriented programs.

Free emergency medicine for critically ill patients in the corona epidemic, contact with patients including food, none of which was brought into the campaign.

Corona has been carrying out these activities since its inception with the financial support of private enterprises, families and well-wishers.

Help is being delivered to the patient’s home immediately if anyone calls their personal number. Shamsul Alam Saddam also stood by the helpless and poor students of different universities of the country and their families during this time of Corona epidemic.

No one had to come. The gift went to the door of the people in the darkness of the night.

In this regard, Shamsul Alam Saddam said, “I have tried to stand by the students in crisis with the gift of love.” In this case, I have been assisted by teachers, journalists, employees, small businessmen, my family. All in all, I am delivering food to the people with the cooperation of the people. About one and a half thousand students have already received assistance in his initiative.

The BCL leader also assisted rickshaw, van, tractor and tomtom drivers.

“Everything is closed because of the lockdown,” he said, referring to food aid for helpless people. If there is no food at home, these people will go out. As a result, their family members will also be at risk of contracting the virus.

Families have to be saved so there is no initiative for rickshaw, CNG, van, tractor and tomtom brothers. Not only the students or the unemployed of the city – this rising leader of Chhatra League has also stood by the helpless, poor common people in his own district Comilla. Besides politics, he has also taken volunteerism as a vow.

“We are currently going through a crisis,” he said. Chhatra League has been by the side of the people all the time in this global crisis and will continue to be so in the future. Sadly, the truth is that other student organizations have not been seen that way. However, the role of student unions among the leftist organizations was commendable. Not only student organizations but everyone should stand by each other as brothers and friends in this epidemic.

bdpress agency/Symon/Ashik

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