Strong Passport 2020 : Australia in second place

bdpress agency desk : In the list of the strongest passports of 2020, Australia is in the second position with 126 points and New Zealand is in the first place with 129 points.Australia has maintained its reputation as a strong passport. According to the Global Passport Index Power Rank, Australia is joint second with 126, followed by Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, and South Korea.With 129 points, Australia’s neighbor New Zealand’s passport is in the strongest position alone.

Meanwhile, Maldives is in 43rd position with 6 points, India is in 57th position with 52 points, Bangladesh is in 8th position with 43 points and Pakistan is in 37th position. Location 70th.The United States, the world’s most influential country, ranks 21st with 92 points, along with Malaysia’s passport, but surprisingly, China Passport, one of the most influential countries in the world, ranks 47th with 83 points. In all, they are free from visa complications when entering 128 countries.

bdpress agency/tasbir

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