Salman becomes Pepsi brand ambassador in Bangladesh

bdpress agency desk:  Pepsi has announced its collaboration with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan as brand ambassador in Bangladesh.

As a youth centric brand, Pepsi has always had its finger on the pulse of changing times and trends, and this summer, the brand, along with Salman Khan, is bringing to life the one word that defines the youth of today – SWAG.

Pepsi’s new ‘Proti-Chumuk-e-SWAG’ campaign is based on the insight that the country’s youth has never been as confident and aspirational as they are now. Through the campaign, Pepsi will bring to fore the spirit of today’s generation, which is about exhibiting self-awareness and living life on their own terms with SWAG.

At the center of this campaign is Salman Khan, a superstar and now Pepsi’s brand ambassador in the country. The ‘Proti-Chumuk-e-SWAG’ campaign has been launched with a TVC featuring the actor, which shows him in his trademark confident and striking avatar that syncs perfectly with his personality.

Speaking about his appointment as brand ambassador and the TVC, Salman Khan said, “I am very happy to come on board as Pepsi’s brand ambassador in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh have shown me tremendous love over the years, and I am sure that they will continue to do so as I start this new journey with Pepsi. Proti-Chumuk-e-Swag proposition addresses youth centric issues and tackles them in a very relatable way. I am confident that the new campaign will resonate strongly with consumers across the country.”

“Pepsi is the fastest growing CSD brand in Bangladesh and we are thrilled to introduce the brand’s Proti-Chumuk-e-SWAG proposition in the country today. Our association with Salman Khan is a milestone that we aim to celebrate this summer,” said a spokesperson of  Transcom Beverages Ltd.

“Salman has a rapidly growing fanbase in the country and he is known to have a strong connect across generations and genders. He is a youth icon across the nation and his popularity, mass appeal and connect with audiences make him the perfect choice for the campaign. We strongly believe that he resonates with the word SWAG in a way no one else can and are confident that his effortlessly cool attitude will enable today’s generation to strongly relate with him,” the spokesperson added.

“Pepsi has always been a youth centric brand and had its pulse on the changing trends, evolving times and beliefs of the younger generation. In fact, we have always created campaigns that resonate with their contemporary ideas. Our new campaign for this summer, Proti-Chumuk-e-SWAG reflects how the youth should tackle societal judgement – with self-confidence, unshakeable self-belief and irrefutable SWAG. Salman’s association with the brand heightens the Swag proposition and we look forward to building it into one of our largest campaigns in Bangladesh in 2020 and bringing it alive through multiple consumer passion points during the year,” said a spokesperson of PepsiCo Bangladesh.

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