Mother’s dua today he is the Imam of the holy Kaba Sharif

bdpress agency desk: The children of the poor house, one of the black monks of the Gulf region, is the Imam of Holy Ka’ba Sharif. And behind him was his mother’s dua. Imam Shaikh Adil al-Kalbani said that. In a conference in London, al-Kalbani, an Imam of Holy Kaaba, described this story. In this he presented a reality in his life. He said that his father, who was angry with him for some reason, had become a true witness in his life.

Kalabani said that during his childhood he was very wicked nature. Often he became angry with his mother. But her mother was a woman of great faith, she knew what power is in the power of Allah.

He made duha his practice. As soon as he got angry with the boy, he would say, “May Allah show you the way, and he should make you a god of Ka’ba.”

Imam al-Kalbani said, “Allah has accepted the supplication of Allah and I am the Ka’bah Imam today.”

Black man Sheikh Adil al-Kalbani is a child of the poor Gulf of Persian Gulf. In an interview with the New York Times, Shaykh Kalbani said that leading the prayer of the mosque in the mosque is a great honor, and this work is only for Arabs in the Arab world.

In the time of his life, the Imam went back to the time when he came to know that King Abdullah appointed him the Imam of Mosque Al-Haram as the first black man. He said, “Masha Allah.

Imam said, when your child is behaving badly, do not cheat him. Disasters can happen in this. I know a person who told his son to die ‘, then he expressed regret for that, when his son died on that day. subhanALLAH.

Parents and loved ones of dear children should treat your language. Make a good habit of praying for your children, even when you become angry, pray for them.

The Messenger of Allah () said, “Allah never rejects three duaahs, his parents’ supplication for the children, the duets of fasting and duha of the wayfarer. [Baihaqi, Tirmidhi, Hadith narrated in Sahih sources]

For those who tell this message to others, I pray to Allah, that he may benefit from it on the Day of Judgment, or it is the reason for his release.

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