I want to get back to my ‘Coronavirus’ free life

Photo : Tasbir Ikbal. 

Tasbir Ikbal : Everything was running smoothly like a train. Everyone was busy with his own activities. Ah! What was full of vitality all around. All of a sudden it all stopped, normal life became abnormal. What a virus that came to make the world go wrong, its name is Corona virus. It spread from one country to another all over the world. The epidemic took shape in a short time. Everyone is begging to survive the virus. Unfortunately, our country has not been saved from this virus.

Unfortunately, our country is also infected with the virus. Maybe the Creator had something wrong with us. That is why this epidemic. Due to the epidemic, my life became like a closed prison …. with the silence around me. All the shops, mosques, temples, vehicles, roads in the vicinity seem to be stuck in the net. Even the dormitory of students like me has been locked down.

I still remember a month or two ago when I returned home with my school bag on a sunny afternoon, I will go to school again tomorrow. That hope suddenly collapsed in the fire. As soon as I looked at the news in the afternoon, I saw that schools, colleges, madrasas and universities were closed indefinitely due to the same coroner’s tax. I never thought everything would be closed like this month after month. Just then a panic called Corona struck a calm heart.

Made my study routine random. I started thinking when I will meet my school friends again, when I will chat with them again, I will do mischief. Feeling very bad thinking about all this. Within a few days, it was officially announced in the interest of the people that they could not leave their homes or associate with outsiders.

I then thought maybe in front, a terrible situation is waiting for us. Corona virus is very important for everyone to wear a face mask and gloves. I and everyone are very annoyed to follow these rules.

But these are for our own good, but the children of our society are adapting to the current environment with great difficulty because it is against the mind to be confined at home all day. Because they don’t get a chance to play sports anymore.

The epidemics that I have heard from adults living in this situation have happened so many times in the world that many helpless nations have sunk into the abyss of destruction. Besides, our young society is facing a big challenge due to this epidemic because all the academic work including our studies are not being completed routinely. We are suffering a lot because of this. On the other hand, research is going on in the country to prevent this epidemic. Oh! How much pressure our society is facing.

In this epidemic, parents are not able to take care of their children due to various fears. In this way, the children are also immersed in the abyss of the epidemic. Many are still not following the rules, not being aware. So there has been a social pressure so all my hopes and aspirations today do not pray goodbye. I want to get rid of such a situation. I want to go back to normal life again.

Where there will be no barriers running the wheel of every life.

Writer : Child journalist, bdnews24.com 

bdpress agency/Aniket Ahsan

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