Dholon is the new pride of the police in humanitarian and social activities

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Tasbir Ikbal : From time to time, the bad aspects of the police become more palatable in discussions and criticisms. We forget that the police are the friends of the people, working tirelessly to maintain law and order as well as the humanitarian work that they do not lag behind. We criticize the entire police force for the misdeeds of one or two people.

However, there are policemen among the police who are constantly devoting themselves to the helpless people, working tirelessly for them, but also in social and moral activities.

One such humanitarian police constable is Mehedi Hasan Dholon. His praise in social and moral activities has already spread to different corners. He is currently working in Bandarban District Police.

From an early age, Mehdi Hasan Dolan dreamed of doing something good for helpless people and engaging himself in social work. At that time he could not do those things due to various family reasons. Since then, when he joined the Bangladesh Police in 2016, he has been doing all humanitarian and social work selflessly. Besides, in 2018, some national dailies and TV channels published reports on the humanitarian activities of the first Mehedi Hasan Dholon.

Talking to him, he said, “I can’t stand the suffering of people. I had a strong desire to do good for my people since I was a child, but for various reasons I couldn’t do it.” But now I want to spend the rest of my life on the helpless and neglected people.

May every work of Mehdi Hasan Dolan become a shining example of humanity. Sometimes he is seen feeding the helpless beggars on the streets, sometimes he is seen among the needy farmers with seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, etc., and sometimes he is seen teaching school children. He does all this work with a part of his earned money.

Asked about this, Mehedi Hasan Dholon said, “I send some of the money I earn every month to my family and the rest of the money I spend for humanitarian and social work and a small part for my personal use.”

In the ongoing corona situation, people of all walks of life have faced scarcity. Many people are sitting on the roadside for a hearty meal. Even in such a situation, Constable Mehedi Hasan Dholon did not give up, he continued his humane and social activities. Apart from roads and ghats, he has provided food to the helpless and needy people by going from house to house. He has also come to the doorsteps of many people with daily necessities.

Besides, he has aroused response by planting 24,000 trees on the occasion of Mujib Year. He is an environmental friend by changing the environment. Dolan took an exceptional initiative by planting trees on the side of the road. He has distributed saplings among the people who are arborists and willing to plant trees. When asked about the reasons for planting trees, he said, “I have seen in various videos about the environment on YouTube, our environment is going to be destroyed.”

As the temperature rises, large chunks of ice in the ocean are melting. The idea is that if this continues, the world will be threatened. From that place I see that only trees can save us from this difficult situation. I have taken initiative to plant trees for him. I have named this initiative as human environment.

He has also set a unique example of humanitarian work in the workplace. He has made seven helpless people self-sufficient by selling some of his salary. Five of them have been made permanent and two have been made mobile shops. They are now making a living on their own.

Asked how he felt about social work, police constable Mehedi Hasan Dholon said, “As a member of the police, I am very happy to be able to do these humane things. The way ordinary people are terrified of the police is an exception in my case. When people see me, they think that their friend has come, the police brother has come. Has come to do something for them. This is how I feel, I get the strength to work from here and I want to work for people for the rest of my life as long as Allah keeps me alive.

bdpress agency/Sheikh Rahanatullah

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