Bangladeshi Kabir wins Singapore’s ‘President’s Medal’ (with video)

zisad ikbal, bdpress agency, Dhaka : Kabir Hossain, a Singaporean of Bangladeshi descent, has received the ‘President’s Award’, the most prestigious award in Singapore. He received the award from President Halimah Yakub on Friday (October 16th) afternoon in the ballroom of the country’s presidential palace, Istana, in the presence of prominent Singaporeans.


He received the award in the ‘People of Good’ category among the three categories.

When this news was published on Friday, there was a great excitement among the Bangladeshi community in Singapore on various pages and groups of social media.

Kabir Hossain told bdpress agency, “The President’s Award is the biggest achievement of my life.” I never thought the Singapore government would give me so much respect. This is the proof that if you do good deeds, you will get something better unexpectedly.

Md. Hafizur Rahman, President of the Singapore Bangladesh Society (SBS), told bdpress agency in a response, ‘Kabir Hossain’s Presidential Award is important, a matter of joy and pride for the Bangladeshi community. We sincerely congratulate him on behalf of the Singapore Bangladesh Society. We have shared his news with everyone. I hope that seeing him, many more members of the Bangladeshi community will take our community to the top by cooperating socially and with each other. We wish her further improvement.

Mirza Golam Sabur, former president of the Singapore Bangladesh Society (SBS) and Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore (BDchem), said he had unselfishly come forward for expatriate workers during the lockdown in Singapore. His contribution in a time of disaster is as commendable as it is exemplary. I am very happy that a Singaporean of Bangladeshi descent has been honored with the President’s Award by the Government of Singapore.

I sincerely congratulate Kabir Hossain. I hope that the affluent society and business community here will follow his example of this great work. I wish her longevity.

Shahiduzzaman Torik, managing director of Sahid Group, former president of SBS and BDchem, told bdpress agency that the President’s Award for Kabir Hossain, a Bangladeshi expatriate from Singapore, was a rare achievement for the Bangladeshi community. This is very happy and proud news for the expatriates. I think other Bangladeshis will be inspired and encouraged to see Kabir. The poet has brightened the faces of all Bangladeshis. All Bangladeshis in Singapore are proud today. We are proud of him.

Rafiqul Quader, a former president of SBS and working for a multinational oil company in Singapore, said, “We, the Bengali community, are very happy and proud to receive the President’s Award for Humanitarian Service.” He has done enough to provide food and other necessities to the expatriate workers trapped in the dormitory during the lockdown. He is recognized today for his humanitarian cause. This recognition is a matter of pride for all Bangladeshis. We congratulate him and wish him long life.

AHM Saif Hossain, Associate Director, CBRE, Regional Head of Strategy, South East and South Asia, working at Standard Chartered Bank, said: We who are Bengali Bangladeshis spread all over the world, we are the ambassadors of Bangladesh. This identity has taken us to the unique height of the poet today. Alhamdulillah. Good luck to him.

AHM Saif Hossain, Associate Director, CBRE, Regional Head of Strategy, South East and South Asia, working at Standard Chartered Bank. He came to the discussion with his wife Nuria Begum and his own transportation system in the corona virus epidemic by distributing free food and daily necessities among the migrant workers stuck in the lockdown in Singapore.

During the month of Ramadan, various workers distribute Iftar items in dormitories. This great initiative of his is widely appreciated through social media.

BCS.SG.WAY launched an app thinking of the various problems and sufferings of migrant workers in such a catastrophic time. As a result, workers in different parts of Singapore are able to order daily commodities using apps and easily collect them at home with free delivery at a fair price. This saves workers money and wastes time a lot.

About 130,000 Bangladeshi workers are working in Singapore. Especially using these apps, Bangladeshi immigrants can easily apply for a passport online and renew it without any hassle. Unemployed, destitute and vulnerable workers can apply for help through apps. There are also some more convenient services.

Kabir Hossain was nominated for a Presidential Award in the eyes of the Singapore government for creating such creative apps to make the lives of migrant workers easier, to stand by workers during the Corona disaster, and as a young successful entrepreneur. Like every year in Singapore, his name appears on the shortlist of 45 out of 200 people to contribute to various causes. The organizers confirmed the award to him.

Kabir Hossain, CEO of Brooklyn Stainless Steel Pvt. Ltd. and SG Way PT Ltd., was born on January 4, 1971 in Chandina, Saikot, Comilla district. Father Abdul Gafur, mother Tura Begum. Kabir Hossain is the eldest of two sisters and two brothers. Younger brother Kausar Ahmed is an engineer by profession and lives in Singapore. Wife Nuria Begum is a Muslim of Singaporean Indian descent. Amir Ihsan, a 5-year-old boy, lives with his daughter Yoya in Bendami, Singapore.

She passed SSC from Chandina Pilot High School in 1998 and HSC from Chandina Redwan Ahmed Degree College and came to Singapore in 2000 to earn a living. He started his career as a general worker in a stainless steel company and worked as a project manager of the same company till 2012 with hard work, talent and honesty.

Initially he started working by renting a part of a factory. Later, with honesty and hard work, success came and he did not have to look back. At present, 21 people including Singaporeans, Filipinos and Bangladeshis are working in his own factory.

As a young entrepreneur from Singapore, he has conducted overseas business workshops in Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh through an agency of the Government of Singapore. In the name of his son Ihsan, Ihsan Foundation is running financial assistance to orphans, helpless and needy people in Indonesia, Bangladesh and building houses for the homeless.
He is also the founder of Brooklyn Community Support, which works on socio-economic development in Singapore.

Loves to spend time with family, likes to play golf and badminton in his spare time.

The goal of Kabir Hossain’s life is to live as a good man, to obey all the commands of Allah and to abstain from all His prohibitions.

bdpress agency / ZI / SK

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