A transgender woman silently buried 300 dead in Corona

Sajib satej while reading PPE. bdpress news agency Photo.

Tasbir Ikbal,bdpress news agency,Dhaka : The deadly coronavirus is rampant around the world. The number of victims is increasing day by day. The situation is dire. People are now helpless in the coronavirus, the world is stagnant. Bangladesh also did not get relief from the epidemic.

News of being attacked and killed is being heard around every day. Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh is normal at first, but within a month, the coronavirus seems to be terrible. This terrible virus is taking the lives of helpless people. After the death in Corona, the dead body was not even coming near the affected person. Fearing being attacked, the relatives were fleeing or the relatives were not coming forward for burial.

In such a horrible situation, when the people of the society were walking in the opposite direction, a transgender woman came forward to bury the dead. His name is Sajib Satej Sanjivani (26). She is a dancer and choreographer by profession. He grew up in Dhanbari upazila of Tangail. He has done Honors and Masters in Political Science from Chittagong University.

Sajib Satej and his colleagues are carrying a body on their shoulders. bdpress news agency photo.

He has been working day and night for the last 11 months through the Quantum Foundation approved by the Department of Health. First for 2 months in Chittagong, then for 9 months in Dhaka.

Sajib Satej did not give up even in the midst of various adversities, he has worked selflessly for the welfare of the people. In an exclusive interview with bdpress news agency, he said that he has started this work and also talked about the ups and downs of his personal life.

In 2019, the first coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China. That’s when the Quantum Foundation of Bangladesh planned that if coronavirus death started in Bangladesh too, they would do all the humanitarian work like burying the body, bathing the body. Just like thinking! The Quantum Foundation has been involved in this humanitarian work ever since the coronavirus outbreak in the country. They then started these humanitarian activities in about five divisions of the country.

Sajib Satej is a member of the Quantum Foundation. He used to teach dance to the students of Quantum Foundation School and College in the hill district of Bandarban. Transgender Sajib Satej has been involved in this humanitarian work since the foundation started their humanitarian work.

At first he was appointed to a team of only 5 members. Sajib Satej came to Chittagong from far away Bandarban to do everything from burying the bodies of people affected by Corona to bathing.

From then on, he started living with coronavirus. No matter the day or the night, whenever there is news that someone has died due to corona, he rushes with his members to bury, bury and bathe the man.

Asked about doing these things for people who have died of coronary heart disease, he said, “The best thing for me is to serve people. I want to be by people’s side no matter what.” When I can do something for people, my soul is filled with happiness, I am proud of myself. And I say to myself, we are human beings and we can do a lot for each other.

Sajib Satej and his colleagues are coming out of a house with dead bodies. bdpress news agency photo. 

So far he has buried, buried and bathed the dead in more than three hundred corona, he told this reporter. Asked about the time spent with the bodies of those who died in Corona, he said, “I have seen that many relatives of those who died in Corona did not even come near the bodies.” At that time we were the companions of all those corpses. Then it seemed to me that I was accompanying my own man, I was poor in his happiness and sorrow. I will never forget these moments.

At first Sajib Satej worked in Chittagong for two months. Then he moved to Dhaka. After coming to Dhaka, he has been involved in this work for nine months.

He is doing all this from the Quantum Foundation camp in Dhaka’s Segunbagicha. Ambulances in the camp are collecting the bodies of the dead in Corona from Oli Galli Hospital in Dhaka city. Then he takes them to the specific cemetery or crematorium and does the ‘last work’ for them.

“My family has been inspiring me in all my endeavors since I was a child,” he told the bdpress news agency. So I’m doing this with the permission of my family and they’re encouraging me. “

He has been subjected to innumerable incidents of persecution for 26 years. Informed bdpress news agency. Like other transgender people, she has been persecuted. There are stories of being oppressed in his life too. In the long twenty-six years he has innumerable incidents. A couple of incidents were reported to bdpress news agency.

Sajib Satej and his colleagues are taking the body to the graveyard for burial. bdpress news agency photo. 

He was associated with the cultural arena at the university. ‘Angan’ and ‘Prothom Alo’ were active members of the friends meeting. The audience was mesmerized by the dance at the events of various cultural organizations including Udichi. He also had a dance troupe called ‘Sajib Satej’. He used to dance on the stage almost all the time. He used to get harassed by boys on the streets on his way back to perform on stage. There have even been incidents of him trying to undress.

He has received death threats many times. However, he did not give up. During his stay at Alaol Hall, Chabir also received death threats from the staff of an Islamic student organization for his cultural activities. Yet he did not give up. He was harassed not only outside, but also in the classroom. Being transgender, most of the students in the class used to laugh and make fun of her.

Sajib Satej and his colleagues are taking the body to Shashan. bdpress news agency photo. 

Many acquaintances and strangers would come forward and make bad comments. He would accept everything with a smile. He has good memories among so many bad memories. After his admission in 2013, teachers of all departments of the university had love for him. The elder brothers of the ruling student body of the university were also sympathetic to him.

Breaking the prejudices and stagnation of the society, transgender women are moving forward on brighter legs. Tasnuva Annan Shishir, Ho Chi Minh Islam and many others, while the society is walking on the path of normalcy with the participation of so many unnamed people, it is like remembering this unprecedented sacrifice for the dead in the corona of Sajib Satej, who laid down his life for the welfare of mankind.

Let a new society be built with such a compassionate hand of Sajib Satej’s humanity, let’s turn to our beloved homeland.

bdpress news agency/Aniket Ahsan/Ebtesham Pulok 

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